Monday, 5 August 2013

Autumn Evenings

The evenings are already noticeably shorter - but it was still bright enough for us to go for a walk in the park after a late dinner this evening, and make the most of a holiday Monday.

Most of the ducks were settling down for the evening, but this heron was fishing (we saw him catch something, too) and a coot and chick did come over to us for some of my bread crumbs. They've already harvested the grass in most of the park, but if the weather stays as it is (warm, sunny, some rain) I can see that they might even be able to cut a second crop of hay; the grass is already quite long in places.

(the bee on the allium is actually from August 2011, in Birr. I couldn't find any suitable header photos from August last year)

1 comment :

  1. There is something about the light at this time of the year that seems to make everything so much prettier, especially toward evening. I love that both of your bird pictures have that little bit of orange (and blue for the ducks)that really bring it to life.