Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Creeping, Crawling

We saw lots of wildlife in Corfu. Yikes, it's now July, and I'm still posting for May! I suppose it's another advantage of going a little earlier in the year before it gets too hot and dry. C was delighted because we saw several live snakes, as opposed to all the dead ones we saw on a previous visit. I couldn't see what the big deal was with the snakes - the tortoises and lizards were far more interesting to me. It was just a shame that when we saw a tortoise making very rapid progress along the road, my memory card was so full that I couldn't take any video footage. We saw at least three different types of lizard - one was in a dark shaded area and the one photo I was able to grab didn't turn out. The little green one was near Sidari, and we saw dozens of them basking in the sun, not paying the slightest attention to all the tourists walking around them. The other one was in the grounds of the little monastery at the top of Mount Pantokrator - the highest mountain on the island (this is a relative term, it's only 906m / 2,972 ft high).


  1. Turtles and tortoises I love. Snakes - not so much. I remember lizards popping up in the most unexpected places on our honeymoon. How cool is that green one!

  2. You take an awesome picture. How close do you have to get? That might stop ME. I do love your awesome duck picture.