Monday, 22 October 2012

Room with Views

This is terrible - I don't know how I am ever going to catch up. I still have two more post's worth of photos from Paris, and that was June. And our visit to the Botanic Gardens in late September...
I was sick for a couple of weeks which has left me even more behind. We did manage to get away for a long weekend in the country. A beautiful old beech tree had had to be felled as it was rotten through, and while the main living area in the house always had wonderful views over the lake through the french doors and big windows, there was now a lovely new view opened up which I enjoyed while I played the flute ~ first two photos.
We had fairly good weather on the whole - some rain on the first afternoon when we went for a walk in some woods and didn't mind it too much, and then not much till the last afternoon when we were cleaning and packing anyway. In between the occasional showers there was some beautiful sunshine to set off the beautiful autumn colours.


Views over the lake in various weathers...

I took the last two photos on Saturday after lunch; I had a few birthday cards that needed posting with me, and I'd forgotten to bring them with us on Saturday morning when we were stopping at the local shop. So after lunch I walked into the village (about a mile) stopping off to go into the lakeside land on the way. And then when I got to the village, I discovered that I had carefully brought the two unstamped cards that didn't need posting till Monday. So C came to the rescue and drove up with them - and maybe it was just as well because it started pouring on the way home!

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  1. What a gorgeous vista. It looks so peaceful. You even captured a rainbow. And possibly a UFO? I love the sky at this time of the year - even the grays are beautiful. They make the rest of the colors in the scenery just pop. DH and I are undecided - are those cows or horses in the second photo?