Thursday, 12 July 2012

Canal Walk

At  last we had a day with (some) blue skies. Mind you, I think I'd already missed the best of the day by the time I set off for a walk. But it was lovely to be able to go out without a rain-jacket and umbrella, and what sun there was was a tonic.
Even the birds were all out enjoying it!!
Judging by the amount of droppings, whatever board the heron is standing on has been a favourite summer perch for the birds. He flew off very briefly when the dredger came through the lock and up the canal, but by the time I'd crossed at the lock and was walking back up the other side he was back enjoying the sun again.
I had been thinking that maybe the swan was nesting along the bank, since I've often seen it there any time we drive that way, but there was no sign of any sort of nest, and no cygnets either. I saw six on the Liffey earlier on in the week.

Mother duck keeping a good eye out as her young ones rest on the bank. They're beyond the chick stage, but you can see that their wings are still a bit short and stubby - I don't think they could fly yet.


  1. I totally agree about the sun. Hasn't it just been ridiculous really - I've given up with my veg this year, everything just gets washed away in those heavy showers and I don't have a greenhouse/cold frame to protect things. And the soil is just soooo heavy. Every tiny bit of sun that appears I feel I need to get out and soak it up before it disappears again! I'm sure the birds have had a hard time too, lovely photos of those ducklings and the swans.

  2. Not sure if I would trade this heat we've been having for all your rain, but a little would be nice. Everything here is drying up. I do so enjoy going along for your walks. Your pictures always make me smile in wonderment. Speaking of wondering - I wonder if that egret was getting paid to babysit the ducks? Sure looks like he/she is keeping a eye on them.... or perhaps it was you.