Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Every time we go to Paris we walk down the boulevard St Michel and I look in the window of this shop. The display is always so beautiful to look at. This time we didn't just look, we went in on our last afternoon and  I got an umbrella as the second installment of my birthday present from C. It's the same design as the white and black one in the window with the Eiffel Tower on it, but it's a collapsible compact one. I'd have loved the regular one, but it was just a bit too expensive in our current circumstances. Maybe another time! A bonus of the compact one is that the ribs aren't metal at all, they're some fancy new type of flexible plastic and hopefully will stand up much better to wind.


  1. what a gorgeous shop and umbrella! very good choice, and I'm sure you will get plenty of use for it at the moment, sadly.....but at least it will bring back happy memories every time you open it

  2. I love the metal work on that first sign. All those silhouetted figures are so cool. Great choice on the parapluie!

  3. You choose the prettiest umbrella, I bet a lot of people will stop and ask where did you get it from!

    Beautiful photos as always, the one in the previous post with the street sign + eiffel tower made me smile.