Wednesday, 29 February 2012


I should have a few photos edited tomorrow - and a new header for March! Where does time go?

In the mean time, a quick snippet of one of our robins, with some bird song.

We're seeing a lot of a pair of chaffinches at the moment, with the male in bright plumage -  but the weather is so grey and overcast that it's hard to get a good photo.

Favourite cards for February:

I used gold acrylic paint in the first one, and loved the brushed-metal look that it gave.


  1. When you find out where it goes let me know, please, I could always use some more! The birds sound so cheerful. I hope you have a change of weather soon. Your cards are beautiful. I'm going to have to try that acrylic distress with metallics. It's wonderful.

  2. Your cards are fabulous! I love the toadstools with the cheeky snail :)