Saturday, 24 October 2009

Botanics - and finished sweater

Listening to the wind howling and the rain beating on the window, it's wonderful that this morning we had a lovely trip to the Botanic Gardens. I'd got up at 8, when it was grey and cloudy, so I thought it wasn't likely to happen. I made cookies and cleaned the kitchen windows, and by the time C surfaced at 9.30, it was getting to be bright and sunny, so after breakfast we headed out. For the first while it was beautiful and sunny - later on it clouded over, but it was always mild and dry.
C took the photo of me in my sweater, and didn't point out there was too much light on my face - but it's the sweater you're meant to be looking at. He was also distressed when his shadow filled the foreground of one photo he took - but he's getting a lot more adventurous with his photography these days, and always makes sure I have my little camera along with me for him, if I have my big one.
More pictures to follow tomorrow - right now it's time to go and start cooking the roast beef and Yorkshire puddings which I couldn't do earlier in the week because C was having trouble with a crown...and with an extraction to come on Tuesday, I'm getting my roast in now!

The grassy part of the gardens was amazing - I don't think I've ever seen it looking so good. It helped that the light was so lovely, and all the grasses had flowered and were looking their most beautiful. This photo might even make it into the calendar that C is doing.

We'd seen some crocuses in the Alpine House in pots, but how much lovelier to see these ones growing under one of the trees...

I always forget to bring nuts for the squirrels. Yep, there's a warning not to feed them in the car park, in case you get bitten - but how else are you meant to get close enough for good pictures? When someone else feeds them...


  1. Sabrina, you look quite fashionable in that gorgeous sweater. Gosh you really are talented in so many ways! Are those the fall crocuses you get saffron from? You've reminded me that I had some of those planted at one time. I guess the deer have found those also (sigh). Those grasses would be a beautiful picture for a calendar. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Okay, now I'm even MORE jealous of you because you also knit and make beautiful sweaters!!! You are talented in so many ways, Sabrina. Love the beautiful photos of the grasses, too.

  3. YAY! Thank you Sabrina! You are a doll and your taents just go and on. That sweater is awesome! My sister can knit like that but lives like 16 hours away from me so that becomes a problem. Thanks for taking the time to look for these! Hugs, Judi