Monday, 14 September 2009

Not much time today...

There was housework to catch up on, shopping to do, two weeks worth of post to sort through, the camera to clean well after all the dust off the last two weeks (thank goodness for the built-in dust and shower-proof cover for my camera bag. Especially when we got caught out in a thunderstorm. My little camera is meant to be pretty weatherproof, but I kept the big one tucked away for the duration. If there had been some way of keeping both the camera bag and our clothes dry, I'd have loved to go for a swim during the storm, but they wouldn't both fit in my back pack. As it was, during the first downpour we had to shelter under a tree, and saw several carloads of people leaving the beach and heading for their villas.
Our little friendly robin is still as curious as ever. I had only filled one side of the feeder and gone back into the porch to get nuts for the other side when he came to see what was up. I have some different seed at the moment which includes dried fruit and dried insects, which he seems to love. So my ambition is to have him feed from my hand...I'll just have to see!!
I can't understand why the same picture looks so different depending on which package I open it in, there's even a difference between the RAW editor and the regular editor in my Olympus software. I think some day I'll just have to bite the bullet and buy calibration software...
We were back to grey weather again today - perfect for ripening tomatoes - NOT.
Hope to size and edit some Greek photos tomorrow - some of today was spent in culling them for the second time.

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