Friday, 16 May 2014

Paris Day 3 ~ Part 3

We had such a surprise when we crossed the Seine and started heading back for the walk home. We didn't know, but there was an exhibition at the Institut du Monde Arabe, with the restored engine and carriages from the Orient Express. There was quite a queue to get into it (since, by the very nature of the carriages, not a lot of people can be admitted at a time), and C's feet were starting to feel a little weary - but not so weary that we didn't enjoy looking from the outside.

Here's a link to an article with a little information about the Institut du Monde Arabe; the whole of the south-facing wall, shown here, is made up of panels which open and close (like the aperture in a camera) to regulate the light entering the building. We didn't go inside - but another time I'd certainly like to.

We stopped at a market at the end of Boulevard St. Germain on the way back, and got some tasty treats for our lunch; not just these, but some good bread too.

The building we were staying in was at the end of an L-shaped pedestrian road, with gates across each end. This shot, since it's wide-angle, looks rather odd but helps show how, even with no garden space, they still add some greenery in to the street.

And goodness - we must have walked A LOT on Saturday. Since it's still only lunchtime at this point,  and we went out again in the afternoon, Day 3 is going to run to Part 4, rather than crowd more into this post.

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  1. Seriously, that building is so cool. I'd love to see what the inside of the windows look like and how they function. It looks like they each are made with modular pieces. Yum with the treats. I adore eclairs and raspberries. My father used to bring home eclairs as a special treat once or twice a year. I still indulge now and then when I find a bakery that makes them with the perfect custard filling and not just whipped cream.