Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A Robin New Year...

Not just one or even two but three robins today, co-existing moderately peacefully. I think it's probably one female and two males. In any case, plenty of singing going on!! All but the first photo are uncropped - he (?) was quite happy perched on the wall with me only a couple of feet away. A narrower aperture would have been a better choice but it was such a grey day that I had it open almost as far as it would go.

We also had a brief visit from what I am assuming is  probably a leucistic pigeon; I've certainly never seen one like this before in the garden. It came in along with two regular wood pigeons.


  1. oh I love that second photo specially, I feel like that I could almost pick him off the page! And the pigeon is lovely, wish we could get more of these, they are so pretty even though I'm sure it's not a particularly healthy thing.

  2. I love your new header! The black bird among those colors is so striking! What great pictures of the robin(s). The way you've staged the photos gives him movement with his song. Great show. The pigeon is quite unusual looking but I bet it was thrilling to have a new bird in the yard and to actually be able to get him photographed.