Wednesday, 24 October 2012


A recent photo challenge on SCS was "Barns". Not so easy for me here in Dublin, and when we're driving it can be hard to just pull in - especially now that we're much more likely to be on motorways than in the bad old days.
But while we were down in Clare I was able to get some photos. Not many - I had some other great looking ones picked out, but one day it was raining too heavily when we passed by my chosen stopping space. Another day we'd picked out two good locations but ended up coming back on a different road altogether. Still and all, I managed to come up with a few usable photos!

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  1. Funny, green is not the color I usually conger up when I think of barns. These are quite intriguing with their rounded roofs. I love the stone wall in that first photo. Can you imagine the long hours put into finding the stones and stacking them into such a fine wall. What an art!