Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Jardin du Luxembourg

The Jardin du Luxembourg is only about three minutes walk from the hotel we normally stay in, so we always spend a fair amount of time there, no matter what time of year. Often we sit and watch the tennis, but with the French Open on this time there wasn't a lot of good tennis being played on the courts.
There is a training centre for bee keepers, and it's the first time we've seen them in action - lots of smoke in the air and a small area around the hives roped off. There was an enormous stack of frames in a gazebo, but that photo was a bit blurred.

We often see dogs, too - but it's the first time we've seen a ferret. We wondered if it was a gift for somebody - you can see a single pink rosebud in the pet-carrier, and after he'd let the ferret have a little walk through the undergrowth and given it a drink, he carefully wiped it down with a damp cloth before returning it to the carrier.

This is the Senate building. I know it looks grey - but actually it was 8.30 in the evening and beautifully warm. At lunchtime there hadn't been a single vacant chair. In the dry weather it is very dusty - you can just see it on these park keepers, getting ready to close up and go home,  and after walking through  at lunchtime with our suitcases we were both noticeably dusty!

We had a picnic lunch in the garden on our anniversary - sandwiches and patisserie from the local bakery, strawberries, little coffee desserts and a bottle of sweet Breton cider.

On our last day it was a bit windier - much more fun for all the kids sailing boats on the central pond. The second view looks over towards the Pantheon.

p.s. - the sign with the Eiffel tower in an earlier post - I think it was someone having fun with a no left turn sign, and adding their own spin to it!


  1. what a lovely way to spend your anniversary, I presume that's your hubby in the pic? Imagine getting a ferret for a present, I don't think I would be very pleased but each to his own I suppose! I love the beekeepers, they look like something from a science fiction film!

  2. What a beautiful setting for such a special occasion. Cheers to you both!