Friday, 25 September 2009

Coffee Cream

I've been meaning to do a best of the rest of photos, but with being sick this week haven't got round to it. OK, so I do only work part-time, but Wednesday was the first day I've had to call in sick in two years.
So here's the promised recipe for the Coffee Crème Caramel. It's from From Anna's Kitchen by Anna Thomas. One of my well-thumbed vegetarian recipe books.
Coffee Cream - serves 6 - 8
600ml / 1 pt milk
120ml / 4 fl. oz. cream
3" cinnamon stick
50 g / 2 oz whole coffee beans
225 g / 4 oz sugar
4 eggs
2 egg yolks
1/2 tsp vanilla

Heat the milk, cream, cinnamon stick and coffee together. Bring to a simmer, turn off, cover and leave for at least an hour. Bring it back to a simmer again, and then allow to cool slightly.
While it's cooling, melt half the sugar over a low hear (I always find this easier in a non-non-stick pan, so I can see the colour) till the sugar has melted and turned a rich caramel colour. If you find it easier, you can add a little water at the start to help the sugar dissolve. Use this to line the base (and sides if you choose) of a 1.5 litre / 2 1/2 pint soufflé dish or similar.
Whisk together the eggs, yolks, remaining half of sugar and vanilla till thick and smooth.
Strain the milk into a clean jug, and gradually pour over the egg mix, continuing to whisk gently.
Pour over the caramel in the soufflé dish. Set this in a larger roasting tin with at least an inch of boiling water. Bake at 175C / 325F / Gas 3 for about 50 minutes to an hour - it should be just barely set, not too firm.
Remove from the oven, and when cool put it in the fridge for several hours. Turn upside down onto a plate, remove dish and serve.

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