Sunday, 4 October 2015

Botanic Gardens ~ Sculpture (2)

There were several of these vivid red lily pads floating at one end of the lily ponds, each with its little nymph.

Also floating on the pond (and some had tipped over and weren't floating at all) were some cute little ducklings - just the sort you'd have in a bath!

This was one of my favourite exhibits - the title was something like "Live Streaming Nature". There were two comfortable leather chairs set under a tree, with the lily pond framed by an empty television set. The "room" was furnished with a carpet and accessories, and even some "home decor" attached to a couple of the trees.

The sunlight made it almost impossible to get a good picture of this lovely bird and his collection of junk - I took several and these are the best.

Another indoor exhibit - this was a fun one because the fish is articulated; at one end of the base there was a wheel which you could turn, and as you did, the fish and the ribs in the frame moved, as if the fish was wriggling.

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  1. I love those red lily pads. Such a beautiful contrast on the water. The ducks are so sweet. And that certainly is a cool vignette. Kind of reminds me of what some friends did as a prank when we were teenagers, but without the wonderful backdrop and the gorgeous "picture" through the set.