Saturday, 31 October 2015

Bath Time

It was a mild day today, dull when I went shopping early in the morning but getting sunny and bright as the day wore on. In fact, we went out blackberry picking in the afternoon and came home with 2 3/4 lb blackberries and another handful of sloes to toss into my current batch of sloe gin.
Before lunch C was power-hosing our organic waste bin. It usually ends up being me who cleans it, because it's collected on Tuesdays and I can rarely wait till the weekend before using it again - it was a treat not to do it this time round. Anyway, while he was out in the back yard working away getting ready to clean it,  I went out to fill the bird feeders, and out of the corner of my eye, saw a robin fly into a pot tray that only has a couple of pots in it. He had a lovely bath - and I spent about 5 minutes watching him before I decided to risk coming in for the camera and hoping he would still be there. He was nearly finished - but here's a quick video of the end of his ablutions.

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  1. How sweet, Sabrina! I love watching birds. We have a bird water/bath dish hanging on the deck & we love to watch the cardinals & chickadees (the most frequent bathers) take their baths. Even our parrot likes to watch them. I wish I could get a video of them but if I open the screen/storm door, I know they'll fly away.