Sunday, 16 November 2014

Count the birds

Not a great photo or anything like it - but I was fascinated (on one of the few dry mornings last week) to see so many different species of bird that could be captured in one photo. There were also crows and a magpie on the mudflats, but I could't fit them in too. Unusual to see the heron in so much company.
We have - the heron, swans, a pair of cormorants, some mallards, a moorhen (swimming) and merging into the background, a pigeon - along with the usual seagulls. Only black-headed gulls in this shot.

I should have said one of the drier mornings - there was enough of a shower to produce this rainbow. I was walking up the hill and could see someone standing in the tram tracks looking at something. I was trying to work out what she was looking at, and wondered it if was a bluetit  I could see flying across the road. Then I turned round and saw the rainbow.

By the time I left work it was pouring; part of the footpath was like a running stream, so I had to walk on the water-logged grass. Just as well I'd taken time that morning to re-waterproof my shoes.

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  1. Yes, I guess a rainbow would be beautiful enough to stop anyone in the(ir) tracks! What a conglomeration of bird species. I love the heron's "crown" of black. Hope you have some better weather soon.