Saturday, 19 July 2014

Things with Wings...

And no, this time it's not birds.
I've been feeling that I should finish off my Paris trip before making more posts - but being realistic in the summer days I just don't get a lot of photo editing done. And now my good widescreen monitor is in the throes of giving up the ghost (so that it spends more time on the floor not working than it does in front of me). So that will have to be a rainy day project - I really do want to share some of my Giverny photos.
Here are some of the wildlife that I took when we had a week's holiday over in the west of Ireland earlier this month. We were mostly in Clare but also spent a couple of days in Connemara.

Black-tailed skimmer

Common Blue Damselfly

The first butterfly shot isn't as good but I had to include it - take a look at that eye!!

I only took my Canon with me this time, since I wasn't even bringing the laptop. Disaster nearly struck when I realised that I'd left the charger at home. Even with one spare fully-charged battery, that wasn't going to be enough for a week. Luckily a good old-fashioned camera shop in Ennis had a multi-purpose charger with moveable contacts, and checked that it would work with my batteries. Now I can even charge them in car if necessary - pretty unlikely, though. Thankfully C understood that a holiday without a camera for me would be like him having to do without his guitar, so he was happy to make the unscheduled trip and purchase.

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  1. Sabrina, your knowledge of nature's little gems always amazes me. They are so beautiful and remind me so much of the lovely beaded creations you sent me.