Tuesday, 5 March 2013


...and just finished reading: The Elephant Keepers' Children by Peter Hoeg. I picked it up in the library recently, because I had read and quite enjoyed Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow when it came out. C took a vague look at the book and dismissed it as not for him. But after he heard me giggling away here and there as I was reading it, he gave it a go, and it was my turn to hear him chuckling away. We renewed it again and passed it on to his mother who said she enjoyed it so much and she too laughed a lot. (Never having been over 5 foot even at her tallest, and now probably a couple of inches less, I think she really enjoyed the description of the short grandmother standing on things to reach the kitchen table). It was a strange book, slightly surreal (it reminded me of Sophie's World), but thoroughly enjoyable.

Favourite cards for February:


  1. those are lovely :) I remember reading Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow a long time ago, must keep an eye out for the other one

  2. Sabrina, your cards are beautiful. It's wonderful to see all the different products and techniques that you use and how your creativity has evolved.

  3. All pretty cards, Sabrina...