Tuesday, 27 November 2012


I walked over to the sorting office this afternoon to pick up a package. It was a cold, clear sunny afternoon, and all the bare trees looked just wondeful. As I was coming back there were plenty of red clouds, and a rising moon. My camera isn't good at capturing sunset colours, but at least the moon picture turned out alright.

Not bare - I'm not sure what sort of berries these are, but I was surprised to see them in blossom as well as berry. We've been hearing about flocks of waxwings being seen on rowan trees around Dublin, and cotoneasters, so I'm going to be keeping my eyes skinned. I was hoping to go and scout out the park tomorrow because the weather forecast was good, but I have an extra day in work so that idea is a no-go.

Our robin is still singing away when I go out to put seeds in the feeders. And we have some regular goldfinches again.


  1. are those quinces or something like that? I love the bare trees at this time of year, the way you can see the shape of them. And I love your moon picture! It's very spectacular this evening, it has a huge corona around it (or whatever it's called)

  2. I was going to guess quince too! We used to have a bush in my grandfather's yard, in fact it might still be there, but I don't recall it flowering this late. Mother Nature can be tricked though I know as we had some azaleas one year that rebloomed in August. The bare trees really show their beauty against the open sky. Hard to believe that it's a full moon. The last one occurred the day of the storm here and I still feel like we've lost time somewhere. Wonderful capture through the trees.