Sunday, 2 September 2012


I walked over to the shopping centre yesterday as it was a beautiful and warm morning. I didn't see anybody looking of their own accord at all these starlings perched on the bolts of the canopy at the entrance - I did get some odd looks as I missed several green pedestrian lights while I stopped to take some photos. They look like young birds to me, in the close-up shots I got. I could have spent a lot longer watching them if only life weren't so busy just now.
Another hot and sunny day today - and while tomorow is forecast to be cloudy it's also currently forecast to be up to 25C. Summer, at last!


  1. I was thinking of you yesterday when my husband was watching the Notre Dame/Navy game in Dublin. I, for one, sure do appreciate when you look up. You find the coolest things. Those birds perched against the white are very striking