Monday, 17 September 2012

Paris re-visited - Promenade Plantée part 1

Maybe it's the darker colder evenings, but at last I'm getting back to editing some photos from Paris. And I had dreams of being finished before the end of August...such is life.
The Promenade Plantée is a linear park that runs along an old disused railway line from fairly near the Bastille metro station out almost as far as Parc de Vincennes, the far side of the Périphérique (ring road). Last time our problem was finding our way from the end of the walk to the park. This time we remembered that with no problems, but had more issues when we took a slight detour into the Petite Ceinture, which was a circular railway line connecting the main Parisian mainline stations to each other from the mid nineteenth to the mid twentieth centuries. Like the line used for the Promenade it's now disused  - some is derelict, some has been used as green space. Where we found ourselves there also seemed to be a small allotment-style garden attached to a local school. The initial part of the walk is raised, on a viaduct, with great views over the city. Further on it descends to street-level and becomes part of the quartier rather than just a path through it.
The first two photos are from the Bastille metro station.

parts of the walk are divided into separate paths for pedestrians and cyclists/skateboards/roller bladed

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  1. I've said it before - I love when you look up because you find the most interesting things. Hard to figure why those chimneys are slanted. The pigeons on the arch made me smile. And you look much to young to have been celebrating your 25th!