Wednesday, 5 September 2012


I had terrible stomach cramps almost all the way in to work yesterday and couldn't wait for the bus to get into town! But as I was walking up the quays towards work I saw a cormorant take off from just in front of me, and fly under the bridge towards the station. So when I got to that bridge I had to stop.
Sorry for the wind noise - maybe I should have edited it out, but the sound of the train and the trams going by give an urban context which you wouldn't know was there just from the visuals. At first C couldn't believe that I was up at Heuston station.

And one of these days I am promising myself to sit down and finish off my Paris photos. Apart from anything else I'd like to get them printed!!


  1. there's some flow on the water there, I didn't realise it could move that fast in town, the sound effects certainly make the video special :)

  2. What beautiful motion in the water and the wings. The sounds give it a bit of an ethereal quality. Great job staying with the bird without any jumpiness in your video.