Monday, 13 August 2012

Jelly and June cards

June was so busy that I didn't have a lot of time for card-making, and hadn't thought it was worth picking out my favourites when July came around.
But now that I'm looking back over July's cards, I see a couple from June that are worth putting here, so I'll do that tonight and then catch up with July later in the week. The first card was an MFT sketch, and as soon as I saw that big circle I thought of a setting sun. I used the third one as a non-traditional new baby card. The Snoopy card was for C's birthday, so it's just creeping into July.

I also have a couple of recipes that I've been meaning to upload. We were expecting friends overnight a couple of weeks back, and I had bought everything I needed for dinner, and had set the aubergines to degorge before I left for work. Then our friends had to cancel due to illness, and I had to come up with a different recipe for the aubergine. I tried an Indian one, so I'll find the book I got it from and write that up later this week also.

This Layered Fruit Terrine used to be one of my staples for people who were dairy-intolerant.
I made it over the weekend as one of the desserts for my mother-in-law's 87th birthday dinner.
As I recall, I used to make the jelly base with cranberry juice and port, but as my in-laws are both conservative and teetotal, I stuck with apple juice for this one.

30ml / 6 teaspoons powdered gelatine (yes, it's more than would normally be used for the volume of liquid, and you could probably use a bit less, but the fruits tend to add some juice into the mix
450 ml / 3/4pt / 2 American cups of apple or grape juice
275g / 10 oz small strawberries, hulled
3 large oranges, peeled, segmented and drained
4 nectarines, cut into segments.

Sprinkle the gelatine over 150 ml / 1/4pt / 1/2 cup of the juice, and after it has sponged for a few minutes, heat to dissolve. Add it to the remaining juice.
Pour a 1/4" layer of jelly into the bottom of a 705ml / 1 1/4pt / 2 1/2cup non-stick mould or loaf tin. Chill to set.
Arrange the fruit in well-packed layers, then pour the jelly over it. Chill till completely set.
Turn out and garnish with more fruit.
I also added a raspberry coulis.

It goes without saying that you can use any fruit you wish - the original recipe had green and black grapes. Just stay away from fresh pineapple, which will stop the gelatine from setting.


  1. love those cards, specially the one with the maps and the Snoopy one!

  2. Not only are your cards very creative, I love that you change your backdrop. Your photos are so crisp and clean showing the beauty of your handiwork. Your gelatine looks so refreshingly delicious. I love desserts like this in the summer.