Saturday, 10 April 2010

Where are the pastels...

... when you want them? The SCS photo challenge this week was pastel colours, and I have been looking and looking all week. Someone I know who does a 365 photo journal says who needs desaturation when you have the Irish weather to do it for you, but it was no help to me.
In the end I spotted these paper Cosmos flowers I made a few years back.  They always were pastel, but have probably faded a bit more with time.

This morning was so lovely and bright and sunny that we went for a walk. C was feeling tired and didn't want to drive as far as the Botanic Gardens, or walk as far as along the canal, so we went to Farmleigh. It doesn't open till ten, which gave me time to make a cake before we left.
I am thinking these magnolias might qualify for pastel colours.

But that bright blue sky most definitely doesn't!!


  1. My compliment for your blog and pictures included,I encourage you to photoblog


    Even week another photo album

    Greetings from Italy,


  2. Your paper flowers could have fooled me. I am reminded of a house of an art teacher we stayed in at the shore years ago that had origami flowers I always loved. I think that inspired my love of paper.

    Yes, the magnolia's are splendid pastel examples, even with the gorgeous sky. Just the way you focused on the catkin with the green background is wonderful!