Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Auvergne (7)

For our last outing, we went back to Puy de Sancy, with two hopes.
One, we had been told that there were far fewer midges in the morning - if anything, we found the contrary, and some photos simply aren't worth keeping because it looks as if I had a dirty lens when in fact it's just clouds of midges.
Two, we thought we would take the longer, easier descent so that I could enjoy the views more. Which I did, but because it was much less well way-marked than our first descent, we had trouble finding the start of the track and ended up going down underneath a ski-lift cable - short and sharp. Then we back-tracked up the main track, and also took a detour off it which gave us a wonderful view over the Chaudefour Valley which we had visited the previous day. And another plus was having the summit almost to ourselves for a while.

Bird song all the time everywhere - and no wonder, with such a feast of midges!

Our aim had been to follow the red right-hand track as you look at the map, but instead we cut off the little loop and went down right under the Teleski du Plateau. I think we managed to double back far enough to cover both the Dore and the Dogne. It's funny that it was the least well way-marked of all the outings we too. Even the previous day in the Chaudefour Valley where some of the trail was through forest, it would have been hard to go wrong.

view over the Chaudefour valley

Yes, it really was this steep, since at this stage we were following one of the pistes.

Montdore railway station

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  1. My, what a stunning view. You sure got your exercise in with those hikes. Too bad about the midges.