Saturday, 24 May 2014

Paris Day 4 ~ Part 1

Day 4 was Sunday, and we were starting to flag a little after all that walking.
In the morning, I went to the second-nearest bakery, and got some tasty croissants for breakfast plus some even tastier patisserie to stand in as a birthday cake on Monday. I was so glad that I went - I wasn't sure they'd be open on Monday, being Easter Monday and a lot of places were going to be closed, and in fact they were closing for a week's holiday so they wouldn't have been open on Tuesday either. We went to the local market which is an organic one on Sundays, and then to the Luxembourg Gardens, buying salads and bread for lunch on the way. I'd been planning to get something in the market, but we should really have got there a bit earlier; somebody else bought the last three onion tarts as I stood in the queue.

 Most of these are just street shots. I'm not sure what the fourth one is meant to be - but having recently watched The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec, it rather reminded me of the dinosaur in the film. The first one is the front of a hotel on Boulevard Raspail.


Flower seller at the Metro entrance, Marché Raspail

Where we were staying...

On the street round the corner from our apartment, was a beautiful Art Deco building dating back to 1910. Several well-known artists had studios here, including Man Ray. This photo shows the typical decor - and reflection in the window from a tiny little triangular park just opposite it. Then a wide-angle view, and a close up of some of the ceramic detailing, created by Alexander Bigot.
31 bis, rue Campagne Première

These are some of the beehives in the Luxembourg Gardens. Last time we were there, we actually saw the beekeepers working on them. This time, we arrived just after the hives had had their Spring inspection, with the following results;  out of 21 hives, 2 didn't survive, one was found to be in weak condition, and the remainder were all thriving and would probably to be divided to avoid a swarms.

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  1. Wow. Those beehives are really cool looking.