Friday, 9 May 2014

Paris Day 3 ~ part 1

On Saturday morning we started off with a visit to a cookware shop I'd never been to before - an amazing treasure-trove of almost everything you could think of for the kitchen, and in all sizes from tiny to enormous.
From there, we walked to the Place des Vosges, but I can't remember all the street names where the photos were taken.
I'm fairly sure that the gargoyle was at St. Eustache, and the statue is Blaise Pascale, underneath the Tour St. Jacques.

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  1. I'm sure that's not what they are but those metal cones look like giant icing tips. The artwork on the carousel is cute. Can't say I've seen one with skateboarders before. And that last picture of the roof. Looks like some large organ-like instrument with all those chimney pipes rising out of it. I'm loving all the little details you've been finding too, like the octopus.