Thursday, 14 March 2013

Quick Picks

We've had bitterly cold weather this week, some snow, some grey skies and some lovely sunshine - mostly in the mornings.
The snow never actually lay on the ground that long, and on Monday it was so windy that what little there was formed drifts, leaving open green spaces and sudden white patches.

This photo is our neighbour's roof, where it looked like a fine dusting of icing (confectioners) sugar.

A quick snap of one of the robins. I was planting some sweetpea seedlings into pots the other day, and the robins were in heaven because they found a treasure-trove of worms underneath the sack of potting soil!

I'm not sure if this is some type of breeding plumage on the cormorant. I need to look back over older photos. It was the red splash that first caught my eye - and then I saw how much white there was on the head - as if he'd been sprinkled with snow too! The other day, for the first time ever, I saw not just one or two of them but six all perched on the wall across the road from Heuston Station. Digital zoom, so slightly more pixellated than I like.

And a fine black-headed gull.

Google are terminating Reader! How can they do that!! I'll have to find another programme before the clock runs out.


  1. ooh the blackheaded gulls up in Ballinteer don't have their black heads yet! (and yes I know it's not near the sea!) And wow have you got sweet pea seedlings already - I haven't planted anything yet, I was debating today if it was too soon to plant indoor peppers. The room faces south and has velux windows so it gets so hot the seedlings grow too fast. I've done it too early before and ended up with horrible straggly things.

  2. Once you mentioned sugar I pictured that roof as a giant wafer cookie. I love the roundness of your robins. I would love to cup one in my hands. The head of the cormorant resembles that of a lot of our friends these days! Those white patches are like our graying temples. Good luck with the sweet peas.