Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Just a quick post   - I badly need to catch up with editing some photos. With any luck the long weekend for Easter will give me some of the time I need.
It's desperately cold and we have a lot of snow, though it doesn't lie for long in the daytime. I was hoping to be out putting compost on my borders and planting seeds, but it doesn't look likely!

Long tailed tits on the feeder.
.Robin in the garden, all puffed up against the cold. Definite signs of courtship  behaviour but the dominant male is not very responsive to the female's calls, and rather inept when he does react. As well as mealworms I have some suet pellets - and when he couldn't fit one into the female's beak he flew off with it and ate it himself. If, as I guess, the courtship behaviour is meant to show how good a mate he'd be at helping to feed a young brood, he's failing miserably on current showing!
Grey wagtail in town. in one of the rare sunny spells, singing away.

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  1. It seems like winter just doesn't want to let go. I watched the snow cover our pot of pansies - thankfully they could take it. It's been rewarding to hear all the chirping and squawking in the yard when I walk out in the morning. Your birding observations appear to be right on. Have a wonderful long weekend.