Thursday, 25 October 2012

September Cards

A quick selection of my favourite cards from September - before it's time for October!! Not much time today for editing any photos...

I liked the second one as a non-traditional baby card - but I should have done it in pink and I could have used it already! The musical one was a thank-you card for the daughter of a work-colleague of C's. She is studying clarinet, and loaned him one to try out so he could see if he would be interested in purchasing one himself - answer, yes! The retiform elephant one was for my father-in-law's 93rd birthday. Unlike elephants he is getting forgetful, so I don't think he'll have remembered that he had a retiform card just a couple of years ago.

This last one is not a September card, it is the thank-you card I made for the owners of the cottage we stay in, with a very rough and ready collage of the pictures I used for the View-Master wheel. The lake is Coole Forest Park. The shell was tiny, smaller than my little finger nail. There were some wonderful fungi growing in the wood beside the house. I'd brought my macro lens but unfortunately my tripod head needed the attention of a #3 Allen key which I didn't have with me - it was hard to photograph the fungi without it, but I managed the shell. The sparrowhawk was along the coast road from New Quay to Finvara, and I was was able to get very close!! The Red Admiral was in the same area, and again I was able to get very close. It seemed particularly large, and for mid-October in very fine condition. I'm sure there'll be a full-sized photo of the sparrowhawk along soon, as well as more of Coole.


  1. oh, I love all of those, but specially the music one (of course!) - is it a stamp? And how did you make the Viewmaster card, I used to love those viewmasters.

  2. I'd be very hard-pressed to choose a favorite but you know I'd be leaning towards the bluebirds! I'm going to have to investigate the viewmaster technique, that is so cool. What a great combination of your beautiful photos and artwork.