Saturday, 22 September 2012

Purple in the woods

This was one of my favourites from the Sculpture in Context exhibition at the Botanic Gardens when we went recently. From a farther distance than the photos, I saw the splash of purple and thought maybe it was colchicums. Perhaps because I was too busy looking at it, I didn't pay a lot of attention when I heard something fall - C was ahead of me and I could see he hadn't dropped anything. It never occurred to me that I had - but a while later C informed me that the weight of the tripod had pulled the back flap on my rucksack open - and my portable hard drive was missing. Luckily I knew where I had heard something fall - so we got to see this beautiful creation twice. It was called Pretty Purple, created by Sarah McGloughlin, and seemed to be a mix of crochet, knitting and felt. A perfect example of a sculpture truly in context.


  1. How beautiful, Sabrina. I can see how you might think it was a flower patch from a distance.


  2. I've been seeing some "yarn bombing" photos and wondered at the beauty being so wasted when it was cut off. This does not look like it would be wasted. Very pretty.