Thursday, 4 August 2011

Busy busy

Busy week - I'll change my blog header for tomorrow.
But just to go on with, on the way to work one day this week I spotted a cormorant flying down the river and then landing on a high wall for a grooming session. No free papers this week, so I wasn't planning to go as far as Heuston Station, but since that's where the cormorant was, I went the extra distance.

I said I had several favourite cards for July to share. Several of them appear to have already been tidied into the relevant folders, and with a sore swollen gland I want to get an early bed tonight.
But Woodstock is still flying around where I can easily find him!


  1. First, I hope you feel better soon. I love that card. The way you have woodstock flying over the "world" is so clever. Your creativity is so inspiring. I've never seen a cormorant that close. I think they are a little odd looking with their shape, but what great pictures you got.