Friday, 1 January 2010

Bird Spotting to Start the Year

It snowed last night - maybe over the weekend I'll get a few photos edited. It's brought the birds out in force - I've seen the most lovely male blackbird on the patio several times, and a chaffinch, not to mention plenty of pigeons and magpies too.
The thrush is an occasional visitor - we've sometimes seen it on the lawn foraging for whatever it finds there, but recently it's been around the patio a bit too.

The moorhen was spotted when we went for a walk along the canal. On our way down, we'd seen it walking on the ice the far side of the bridge, but on our way back it was enjoying the sunshine as it preened.

Finally a half-decent picture of the little coal-tit, with a sunflower seed. I am starting to wonder if he is looking towards me, then perhaps the sound of the camera is less alarming to him than if his back is turned and all he hears is the noise.

I'd just filled the peanut side of the feeder up, so the bluetit was happy. I've written to the company that made the feeder about the fact the wire has been pulled out by the birds, and I've tried to mend it - but they just pull it again.

The crow was also seen while we were out walking, just along the roadside. Hope the roads aren't too bad tonight, we are meant to be going out.


  1. It snowed here too last night - well, it mixed with ice and rain but not too much to spoil the evening. I am loving your bird pictures once again. Particularly the moorhen - what a beautiful setting for him with the greenery and the reflection in the water is captured exquisitely. Funny how birds hear the faintest sounds like that of our cameras. I've lost many a good picture myself because of camera noise. Have a wonderful evening.

  2. Happy New Year to you and C!!!!

    I haven't been here for a while, fabulous photos - apart from your speciality - birds - I am also loving the macro ones.

  3. Oh my Sabrina. You really are a good enough photographer of nature to have a book published. The closeups of your birds are totally amazing and I am so in awe of you!! Please keep them coming!!! I love looking at all of your photos. I have always loved Ireland. Would love to see a picture of you and of your home!! Thanks for sharing with us. :-)