Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Sunrises and sunsets...

Sunsets were easy. The only problem was that the old bridge, which features in a sunrise photo, was VERY popular at sunset. We'd go down, and there would be two people already there, one posing on the bridge left right and centre, one taking photos, and then changing over. Sometimes with just a mobile phone camera...that's fine, they're entitled to it... but sunset doesn't last long. After we'd tried for four nights, I gave up and went for sunrise instead. This isn't the best photo of the bridge, but it does show the sunrise. I'll throw in a night photo of the bridge, too. In fact, even in the morning a group of lads arrived for a photo shoot. It took them all of three minutes at the most - they hopped up, took one photo and walked on.
I don't know how these photos will look - I edited them all last night to look as I remembered, and then when I tried uploading a couple for the SCS photo challenge, they looked too dark. Thanks, Elisa, for letting me know it's not just me who has this problem!
So here's hoping...
The first three are sunrise. Which was about quarter past seven, so not too early, and the clouds on the horizon slowed it down a bit too. There were several people raking their parts of the beach, getting ready to put out the loungers for the day. And even a couple of people swimming. It was so peaceful and tranquil, I really enjoyed being out that early. Plus, no need for suntan lotion!!

This was taken from our balcony. I am glad we were in a hotel a bit over the town, even if it was an uphill walk. It gave us beautiful views over the sea from the balcony, and over some rural inland parts from the back door. One evening there was a storm over the mainland. It was so far we couldn't even hear the thunder, but we could see the lightning - sometimes just an orange glow round the clouds, and sometimes real forks flashing across the sky.
One sunset was taken on the beach. One was from a taverna on the hill above us - an even steeper walk. We did go up on the motorbike for dinner, but we'd walked up a couple of times. The views were wonderful - unfortunately it was probably the least nice of all the meals we had, so we didn't go back.


  1. Beautiful photos. It's so nice to see the bridge during the day and at night. You had a great view!

  2. Your photography is MAGNIFICO, Sabrina! Such beautiful scenery you captured...absolutely breathtaking!